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Our Company

Our Identity

SYGLISIS is an Athens based consulting firm specializing in the fields of social protection, social innovation and entrepreneurship, employment and human resources development, asylum and migration. It came to life in 2012 as a response to the growing need for high quality support to all key stakeholders (public bodies, social partners’ organizations, private enterprises, social entrepreneurs, charities, voluntary associations and NGOs) interested in promoting innovative models of socially sustainable and inclusive growth.  
Our philosophy is reflected in our name: “syglisis” is the Greek word for “convergence”. In our work, we strongly value interdisciplinary approach (multi-dimensional analysis covering legal, sociopolitical and financial aspects) and constant exchange of international experience (active cooperation with European and international research and policy networks). 

Our People

The Board of Partners is the higher decision making body of SYGLISIS, responsible for the company’s general business and development strategy. It is supported by the Scientific Board, an advisory body composed by academics and senior researcher experts. The management and legal representation of SYGLISIS is entrusted to its senior partner and Executive Manager, Dr. Minas Analytis, whereas Fotini Marini coordinates consulting and research activities.
SYGLISIS cooperates with a network of senior experts (academic professors, researchers, independent consultants) from different backgrounds (law and public policy, sociology and social policy, economics and finance, management and human resources, etc.) and considerable experience in the provision of research, advisory and consultancy services in key sectors (public administration, entrepreneurship, employment and labour market policies, social protection, education and training, regional development, migration management and integration etc.).

International Partnerships

Through active cooperation with European and international research and policy networks, we are constantly exchanging knowledge in our fields of expertise and follow up crucial reform initiatives and best practices in other countries. SYGLISIS has also formed strategic alliances with other European consultancies active in similar sectors.


INBAS GmbH is one of the top consultancies in the fields of employment, vocational training and social protection in Europe. With headquarters in Offenbach (Germany), it also operates offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels and Mexico.


European Social Affairs, Management and Communication
Eftheia bvba is a Brussels based consultancy highly specialized in European Social Policy providing consulting and research services to national governments and EU bodies.


AxHA bvba is a Brussels based consultancy highly specialized in social housing providing consulting and research services to national governments, EU bodies and housing organizations.

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